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American Musical Instrument Society

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The Beginnings of the Violin Bow: Distinctive Capped Specimens for a New Instrument

Daniel Crespo Alcarria


Something More about Straight-Top Oboes

Marcello Rizzello


The Too-too of Suriname and French Guiana: Side-blown Trumpets in the African Diaspora

Stewart Carter


Kemangeh Roumy, a Multistring Instrument in Epirus

Sotirios Katsouras


The Lambeg Drum in Northern Ireland: Drum Making and Performance

Colin Harte

The Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society is an annual publication. Approximately 200 pages in length, it contains 3–6 articles, book reviews, a list of recent publications concerning musical instruments, and other notices and relevant advertisements.

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An index to the first twenty volumes (1975-1994) was published in 1997, listing articles, reviews, and communications. The ONLINE INDEX found here has been updated to cover volumes 1-32 (1975-2006).